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13 May 1970
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First of all, this Journal, will contain NC-17 fiction and talk, both HET and Slash. So if you're not old enough, or offended by this...scamper along please.

So a little about me:


# Love Ferrets (I have 4 running around here) (Alfie, Timmy, Donna and Jamie)
# Love Cats (got 3 of um) (Bambi, Wammes & Dexter)
# Love Dogs (got 1 not so clever one (Paddy) and two Mini-Doggies (Tommy & Vosje)

The Gang can always use your help:

# Love Angel the Series
# Love anything Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Alexis Denisof
# Love Donald Strachey Mysteries
# Love anything Timothy Callahan/Sebastian Spence
# Love House M.D.
# Love anything James Wilson/Robert Sean Leonard
# Love Star Trek Deep Space Nine
# Love anything Julian Bashir/Alexander Siddig (Sid)
# Love The A-Team
# Love Anything Face/(Starbuck)/Dirk Benedict
# Love Man from Uncle
# Love Bonanza
# Love to learn to write better. I'm learning
# Just love British commedy

Thats about it...

My WishList


Timmy + Don = LOVE

Wesley is love.

Julian Bashir is Arrogantly Obnoxious Love.

Made by brennamount

Timothy + Donald = One True Love

Wesley is sex cuteness

Julian Bashir is Adorably Confused British Sci-Fi Love.

♥Wilson is Boy Wonder love♥


For: Wesley's Little Defender (2nd Runner up)
For: Coming Home
For: Where Are You Christmas
For: Coming Home and In Our Bed
For: In Our Bed, Clouded Minds and First Times.

My RPG's:

You can find a list of my RPG's at fg_rpg.

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